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As with other aromatase inhibitors, there is a relationship between the amount of aromatizing steroid used and the dose of the desired inhibitor, but not a pure proportion of the substance. For example, suppose a cycle, a lifter uses 250 mg / week of testosterone, and 750 mg / week of non-aromatic steroid. Let's say that he found 12.5 mg / day of aromatic fats suitable for this cycle. If he now wants to use 1000 mg / week of testosterone, it is four times that most likely he should not increase his aroma dose four times. This will be 50 mg / day outside the normal dose range. In this case, I recommend 25 mg / day as the estimated dose. Arimidex, letrozos and Aromasin are well able to predict estrogen control. If you have used a given aromatase inhibitor, I recommend continuing to use because I have learned about personal medication. If you have not tried, then any one can be effective. For dose, you need to choose your body condition or consult your coach / doctor. This article is for reference only. Exemestane VS Femara As mentioned above, the main advantage is that fragrances will prevent any estrogen rebound by permanently disabling aromatase while arimidex can not. Although arimidex is easier to control in terms of short-term administration; it means that in a short period of time within 8 weeks you do not need to kill your entire estrogen production. How does Exemestane work? Many breast cancers are stimulated by estrogen and progesterone. These breast cancers are known as hormone-sensitive or hormone-receptor-positive and can be treated with drugs that prevent these hormones. In menopausal women, estrogen is produced primarily by converting androgen (adrenal gonadotropin) into estrogen. This process is called fragrance, mainly in adipose tissue, muscle and skin. It requires a specific enzyme called an aromatase. Exemestate has blocked the process of perfume. Thus reducing the amount of estrogen in the body. In early breast cancer, taking exemestane can help prevent breast cancer recovery. In advanced breast cancer, cancer cells may grow slower or completely stop growing. Thu, 13 Jul 2017 23:02:16 EST http://www.ooglas.info/detail.php?id=96756 PVC : Steroid powder Methenolone Acetate half-life injectable dosaging for bodybuilding http://www.ooglas.info/detail.php?id=96751 In the treatment environment and In terms of performance ,how many Methenolone Acetate dosage need inject for fale and female In the treatment environment, the standard male Primobolan dose will fall within the range of 100-150 mg per day. The performance level dose will also fall within the same range. However, many men report decent results only 50-75mg per day. Higher doses can tolerate very well, but most will remain in the listed range. When combined with other synthetic metabolic steroids, most men will find this dose range perfect. Ordinary stacks may include Trumbelon, Mattong, Anwar or Winston. Regardless of the dose, the 8-week Methenolone Acetate is standard. This does not mean that the entire cycle must be 8 weeks, but this is the standard Primo part of the loop. Despite the success of the women's treatment program, Shang Lin has not yet published guidelines for female standard dosages. In terms of performance, the standard female Primobolan is administered in a range of 25-50 mg per day. Most women should be able to tolerate such doses fairly well. However, most women will find a better plan to be a lower dose of Primo and a steroid similar to Anavar. If you add anavar or another metabolic steroid, you will need to keep the Methenolone Acetate dose at a low level, otherwise it will increase the likelihood of the virus. Regardless of stacking, the first Methenolone Acetate cycle should start 25mg per day instead of higher. The total use of not more than 6 weeks. Most will find 4-6 weeks increments are perfect. Thu, 13 Jul 2017 22:33:43 EST http://www.ooglas.info/detail.php?id=96751 PVC : Muscle Building Steroids Drostanolone Propionate powder Active Life effect http://www.ooglas.info/detail.php?id=96747 Drostanolone Propionate dosage and cycle for male and female For male dose standard is usually in the range of 300-400mg per week. Typically, this means that 100 mg is injected every other day for a total of 6-8 weeks. This does not mean that the 6-8 week represents the total time frame, but this is the common time frame of the stacked Masteron part. Some people can choose to divide their doses into daily injections, but every other day should be enough. If you find the version of Drostanolone Enanthate, 1-2 injections per week will work, but this version is somewhat rare. For women with breast cancer treatment, the standard dose of 100mg three times a week, 8-12 weeks per week. This usually leads to virus symptoms that may be difficult to reverse. However, no one will deny that it is better than cancer. For female athletes, 50mg per week should be enough for 4-6 weeks. Some women may find a dose close to 100 mg per week, and if they can tolerate hormones, there is reason. The dose of this range should be controllable for most women, but must be kept in mind the sensitivity of the individual. More than 4-6 weeks of use per week for more than 100 mg or more, to some extent more likely to produce viral symptoms. Drostanolone Propionate's actual use Today, Drostanolone is a very popular anabolic steroid, mainly used by athletes and bodybuilders. Thu, 13 Jul 2017 22:25:54 EST http://www.ooglas.info/detail.php?id=96747 PVC : Anabolic steroid Testosterone Cypionate 250mg powder recipe for bodybuilding http://www.ooglas.info/detail.php?id=96713 The effect of testosterone cypionate Careful planning of thetestosterone cypionate cycle, almost can get the benefits of each synthetic metabolic steroids. For off-season athletes, you can use more body fat to increase the amount of lean muscle mass. In order to grow, you must consume enough calories and will increase fat, but testosterone testosterone will ensure that the primary effect of your weight gain is the weight you want. Although off-season use is the most common, but in the cutting stage, the role of testosterone testosterone will also be very useful. During this period of use, we can keep more lean muscle tissue, otherwise it will be lost. In order to reduce body fat, we must burn more calories than we consume, which can and often lead to muscle and power loss. In addition, the more you eat more and more, muscle and strength will be at risk, but because of testosterone muscle tissue and strength characteristics are protected. Regardless of the purpose of use, testosterone hormones define their performance through their ability to promote recovery and endurance. Use the testosterone testosterone to level the performance level that your body can recover faster and you will not get tired soon. This will allow you to exercise for a longer time, work harder and make more progress. This is the best performance boost! Thu, 13 Jul 2017 20:59:55 EST http://www.ooglas.info/detail.php?id=96713 PVC : Mibolerone http://www.ooglas.info/detail.php?id=96564 Cheque drop Dosage and use before traing course Most athletes use about 5 mg about 30 minutes before training or competition. It is not really "stacking" except anything, except the gods. It is usually used in important training courses or before the game. Many athletes who have already used a large number of steroids have added drops as pre-event enhancers. Cheque drop cycle There is no real evidence of anecdotes, otherwise the athlete uses the check in the "loop" to check the drip, just like other steroids. It seems that this steroid has put forward a solid requirement as an increase in aggressive and competitive drivers of pre-steroids. However, since this drug can only be used for a short period of 5 weeks in a short 2-week range, a significant increase in muscle mass can not be obtained on this drug. Any more time, or heavier dose, health problems coming soon. Cheque drop half life The half-life of mibonone is quite short, about 4 hours, so it takes about 20 to 30 minutes for athletes who want to take advantage of the full functionality of this product. Some competitors may use the product again for a long time on the same day, usually allowing a 5-hour time span between 5 hours. Remember that you have to use a liver support like N2Guard to help ensure that the toxicity of mifaleon is reduced. Check drip dosage in ordinary days Check drops orally, must be taken every day. The dose is usually in the range of 200-300 mcg per day, but in some cases it may be increased to 500 mcg per day. Before training about 30-40 minutes, a fight or event, always taking the dose. There is no recommended therapeutic dose because this steroid has never been medically used for human purposes. Thu, 29 Jun 2017 22:58:45 EST http://www.ooglas.info/detail.php?id=96564 PVC : Mestanolone http://www.ooglas.info/detail.php?id=96541 Mestanolone dose The recommended amount of Mestanolone takes 20 to 50 mg daily for 6 weeks. The amount will depend on your cycle plan. If you plan to use it as a standalone product, then the higher number is the best. If you want to overlay with another product, then you need to consider a smaller dose to help protect the liver. Adding milk thistle or Liv-52 is also reasonable. When you use Mestanolone, the best results are 20 ~ 30mg everyday for 6 weeks Adding appropriate amount of high muscle tissue anabolism; Increase protein Increase the diet of high vitamin foods; Continue this cycle for 6 weeks and then drop to the mass PCT routine. You will get a high quality building quality of anabolic and the incredible spiritual clarity and edge provided by Mestono. Thu, 29 Jun 2017 22:12:53 EST http://www.ooglas.info/detail.php?id=96541 PVC : Fluoxymesterone http://www.ooglas.info/detail.php?id=96539 The dosage of Fluoxymesterone For experienced users, 40 mg / day is good, but if running keeping 4-6 weeks a day, this is probably the highest. 20-30 mg / day is even good, just depends on your reaction to it. If you decide to add a very rapid metabolic steroid Halotestin, you will find that 2 weeks of use is the real benefit of the shortest time range, and if you want to keep it safe, you will get an absolute maximum of 4 weeks. Only 10mg a day will greatly increase your strength, but more common is the daily dose of 20mg. For our maximum dose, you should not increase the dose by 40 mg per day; shortly before the show, the common competitive dose. Kindly Remaind:For Bodybuilders, In many cases, bodybuilders add 20 mg 2-3 weeks a day and then increase it to 40 mg a week before the show. Fluoxymesterone usage This medicine is used in men who are not called natural substances of testosterone. In men, testosterone is responsible for many normal functions, including genital, muscle and bone growth and development. It also helps to lead to normal male development (adolescence). Fluazepam is similar to the natural testosterone produced by your body. It belongs to a class of drugs known as androgen. It works by influencing many body systems, allowing the body to develop and function properly. Some adolescent boys can also use flu testosterone, so that puberty occurs late in puberty. Thu, 29 Jun 2017 22:08:43 EST http://www.ooglas.info/detail.php?id=96539 PVC : Testosterone Decanoate http://www.ooglas.info/detail.php?id=96536 Testosterone decanoate cycle for the males who want to more excellent muscle effect For advanced Testosterone decanoate cycles, you can take 500 mg for 8 to 12 weeks. .However, there are more fitness enthusiasts than they are looking for more performance improvements. If you count between yourself and increase the dose to 750 mg for 8 to 12 weeks, you will notice that your body performance has improved. Others will have a little more, need 1000 mg per week from 8 to 12 or 16 weeks. The higher dose is also accompanied by an increase in the length of the loop. Please feel relieved ,If you keep exercise , add nutrition and a healthy diet , you will produce excellent results in your body. Thu, 29 Jun 2017 22:03:06 EST http://www.ooglas.info/detail.php?id=96536 PVC : Testosterone Cypionate http://www.ooglas.info/detail.php?id=96534 How many dosage and cycle thetestosterone cypionate I can inject? Testosterone can only be used in injectable form and is often used to treat conditions such as low testosterone. In the United States alone, more than 20 million men suffer from some form of low testosterone, which can severely degrade the quality of life. Symptoms such as loss of muscle mass and power, decreased libido and sexual performance, increased body fat and low energy levels are common features of low testosterone. In addition, when ignoring low testosterone can become a gateway to Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and many other serious cases. Most men will find an injection every seven to ten days, each injection of 100mg to 200mg, to completely eliminate this problem. In order to improve performance, weekly injections are sufficient; however, in many cases, two smaller but equally sized injections will prove to be more efficient. Multiple injections are due to peak levels of blood; in addition, it is often necessary to control the side effects that may occur when administered at the level of performance. Like most synthetic metabolic steroids, the more you earn, the more risk is greater. By dividing the injections into smaller, more frequent injections, you can introduce a smaller amount of hormones for your body for disposable treatment. As for the actual performance dose, this may range from 200mg per week to 1,000mg per week, depending on needs and aspirations. Typical conditions for the use of Cypionate analgesia in patients with other steroids to reduce testosterone are usually 200 mg. If used for direct performance purposes, most will find 400mg to 600mg per week is effective, but it is important to note that higher doses will greatly increase the risk. Regardless of the total dose, most steroid users will find that this is a very tolerant good metabolic steroid that can be used for a long time. A total of 12 to 16weeks is very common, one time in per week.These numbers are nothing magical, but they are firm guidelines for individuals to plan what he expects. Thu, 29 Jun 2017 21:57:51 EST http://www.ooglas.info/detail.php?id=96534 PVC : Tesamorelin 2mg http://www.ooglas.info/detail.php?id=96529 How to store before reorganization Tesamorelin and after reorganization Tesamorelin? The daily 2 mg dose of EGRIFTA was reconstituted from 2 bottles of drug containing 1 mg of tramadolin acetate and 100 mg of mannitol as a lyophilized powder. The total injection volume was 2 mL. The sterile injectable water (USP) for reconstitution is provided in a separate bottle. Once rebuilt, EGRIFTA must be applied immediately. Unfinished EGRIFTA must be stored at a refrigerated temperature of 2 ° C to 8 ° C (36 ° F to 46 ° F) until dispensed. At the time of dispensing, the patient must store the non-reconstituted EGRIFTA at the refrigerated temperature until the expiration date. The reconstituted diluent (sterile water for injection, USP), syringes and needles should be stored at a controlled room temperature of 20 ° C to 25 ° C (68 ° F to 77 ° F). Usage of Tesamorelin 1. Reduce excess stomach fat in some HIV-infected patients. 2.Trepaline is a human growth hormone releasing factor (GRF) analogue. It acts by stimulating pituitary release of growth hormone (GH). This leads to excessive rupture of stomach fat. 3.Tesamorelin helps to eliminate deep abdominal fat and may increase self-esteem. Thu, 29 Jun 2017 21:44:58 EST http://www.ooglas.info/detail.php?id=96529 PVC : MT-1/MT-2 http://www.ooglas.info/detail.php?id=96520 How many MT-2 dosage you use? Starting dose: Your first injection should be a very small dose, such as .25mg (250mcg) or better, but 100mcg (or less). See your reaction sensitivity is very different. The goal should be no feeling, why should you get sick? After dinner, take bedtime. Any administration of the chart indicates that you should take a high dose (depending on your weight) is outdated and dangerous. Loading dose: add 0.5-1mg once a day. People who use the dose within this range will usually get good results. Do not worry about accidental day / dose - this is an intermittent use of lifestyle products. In the case of synthetic melanocytes stimulating hormones, developing ideal pigment changes may take weeks to months. Maintain the black alcohol: maintain the dose of melanocortin 2 taking less dose (and / or less dose) to avoid becoming darker than expected. Tanning melanin may produce superplastic pigmentation. Maintenance of the dose can help extend the light protection through greater melanin density. Ultraviolet radiation: melanin is a poor sun tanning machine. The light of ultraviolet light (from the sun or tanning bed) is necessary to develop tan. Without it, almost nothing happened. In other words, NO UV = NO TAN. Well, the user will be based on the skin type color .... If you have already loaded for a whole month and then started UV exposure, you (and your friends) will be amazed at how fast tanning is possible and how dark you are on the skin / Physical damage. In addition, it is recommended to keep the skin area usually covered with towels and / or zinc oxide (nose / lips / face) and allow less exposure areas to first pigmentation. Usually in the daily life of sunlight in the skin area will be more likely to respond to the role of melatonin. 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