Natural Arnica Montana Extract 10: 1
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Natural Arnica Montana Extract 10: 1

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Product Name: Arnica Montana Extract
Other Name:Arnica Chamissonis Extract ,Arnica Herb Extract,Arnica Montana Flower Extract,Arnica Montana Flower Powder
Latin Name: Arnica Montana

What is the functions ?
1.Arnica provides fast relief from pain, shock, and trauma
2.Arnica helps the body to heal from injury and reduce swelling, bruising, pain
3.Arnica is useful prior to dental work, surgeries, and prolonged sports training to help the body gear up for repairing tissues from trauma
4.Arnica is used for pain relief while healing from injuries, fractures, muscular aches. Arnica helps with health concerns that involve the circulatory system
5.Arnica can be used for poor circulation and slow healing wounds and injuries
6.Arnica may be helpful for blood sugar balancing.

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